1.0.0 Full Release

Hi Shooters !
Really sorry for REALLY  long break, read: https://hypergamesdev.itch.io/sss17/devlog/7310/something-bad-happened
- Competely new enemy spawn system, waves !
- New look of menu and HUD !
- Corrected big save bug !
- To make game cooler and more realistic i added collision between enemies
- Enemy ship, not that polished but...
- Game Maker is easier for debugging, now i learned something,
so im launching randomize at start and at some events to everything be nice and random
- 4 health instead of 5, to make game not that easy
- Shield have been removed due to ease of the game(and i didn't feel like to replicate them again)
- Spiders are also abandoned, i would like them to fly on comets but that's really hard...
- Compressed music to take less space
- Comets have random speed and slowly rotates
- Shurikens now deal 0.5 damage
- Bats shoot on certain animation point


sss17-win.zip 6 MB
Version 6 Aug 30, 2017

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